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School psycho-educational evaluations can overlook learning disabilities, giftedness or the combination of the two. By extending the school evaluation with school neuropsychological tools, the work of a school psychologist can be extended.


If a family has had their son or daughter tested by the school but feel that they still do not understand the student’s difficulties and wish to have further assessment, my extentions of school testing can be useful. My assessment will build on, but not duplicate, prior work and explore areas that were not evaluated in the school testing. After the initial consultation, fees are based upon a per hour basis. This includes a brief report of the additional results and a feedback session. This testing takes place in my office and requires several separate appointments with the student.

To begin, download a background information form, complete it and mail it back with copies of the school testing. The initial parent consultation will be scheduled. The extension of school testing will be explained at the parent consultation.


Download the Background Information Form


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