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A records review by a school neuropsychologist is a professional reading of all written documents.  When the entire written record is reviewed, patterns of learning disabilities or giftedness can be discovered.


After receiving an evaluation, either from the school or from a private evaluator, parents or guardians often have unanswered questions about interpreting the results or planning their next steps. Frequently, parents or guardians do not understand the report that they have received and are hesitant to ask for a clear explanation. I can help you understand this material and answer any questions you may have regarding your child's evaluation. My Records Review service is based upon my careful reading of all past records. To obtain this service, download the background questionnaire, complete the questionniare and mail photocopies of all prior evaluation reports and school reports cards. I schedule a Records Review session after I have carefully reviewed the material. Fees are based on a per hour basis.  


Download the Background Information Form


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