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The school neuropsychological evaluation is a complete assessment of a student's learning strengths (giftedness), learning weaknesses (dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia) or the combination of both (twice exceptional, 2E).


My school neuropsychological evaluation explores multiple areas of functioning. These include cognitive ability, executive functions, memory, language, learning, reading, mathematics, writing, and personality adjustment. This testing takes place in my office and requires three or four sessions with the student. With your written permission, I gather information from other professionals, including teachers. My evaluation includes a lengthy written report and a feedback session for parents or guardians. Older students may be included in a portion of the feedback session. Prior to the school neuropsychological evaluation, the parents must schedule and complete a separate initial parent consultation.


To schedule a school neuropsychological evaluation, click on the download button, print the background information form, complete it and return it by mailing or faxing.


Download the Background Information Form


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